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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) was founded in 1880 as a professional organization dedicated to improve public and industrial safety as well as the professional, academic, and social development of its members. Today, over a century later, ASME has grown to have more than 122,000 members worldwide, including 23,000 student members, and an annual budget of $40 million. As a result of the organization's growth, ASME has become a major resource for information, education, and professional development in the mechanical engineering field.

The Cal Poly chapter of ASME, in San Luis Obispo, was founded in 1951 and is dedicated to carry on the goals and objectives of ASME. Our purpose as a student chapter is to provide information to students about the mechanical engineering profession, encourage and promote interaction between students and representatives from industry, and give students the opportunity to further their development within the field.

Currently the Cal Poly chapter organizes and hosts career networking events, engineering design competitions, company tours, ASME student conferences, and a lot more fun events for students.


2018-2019 ASME Officers Pictured from left to right

Back row: Mathew Chan, Jenny Verheul, Dae Jin (DJ) Park, Wyatt Pauley, Jacob Smart, Cole Marin, Weston Montgomery,

Front row: Gloria Whang, Darya Darvish, Kathryn Versteeg, Kara Hewson, Katie Thomas, Erin Wint


ASME Cal Poly officers and Positions

President: Mathew Chan

Co Vice President: Weston Montgomery

Co Vice President: Erin Wint

Secretary: Kara Hewson

Treasurer: Jenny Verheul

Fundraising Coordinator: Darya Darvish and Cole Marin


Public Relations Director: Gloria Whang

Social Media Director: Wyatt Pauley

Events Coordinator: Jacob Smart

Events Coordinator: Katie Thomas

Competitions Coordinator: Dae Jin (DJ) Park

Department Tour Coordinator: Kathryn Versteeg

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Faculty Advisor

Dr. Tom Mackin